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District of Dziwnów is located in Kamień County, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in north-western Poland. Its seat is the town of Dziwnów . Dziwnów is bordered by the Baltic Sea on the north, the Kamień Bay on the south and the Dziwna River, which is the link between the sea and the bay. The part of the district of Dziwnów is located in the area of Wolin Island where you can get through a moveable bridge over the Dziwna River. Undoubtedly, such a location is the advantage of Dziwnów: you can do many water sports in here. That’s why, the main source of income of the citizens of this area is tourism and fishing. The district covers an area of 3790 hectare (14,6 sq mi) and the population is 3900. The coastline is 17,5 kilometres.

Apart from the town of Dziwnów (the village was chartered by the state in 2004 and now is a town), the district also contains the villages of Dziwnówek, Łukęcin and Międzywodzie. Everyone can find extremely wide beaches there. The beaches in Dziwnów, Międzywodzie and Dziwnówek were awarded with the Blue Flag certificates. The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that a beach or marina meets its stringent standards. The characteristics of Dziwnów are its permanently warm waters (the most highest temperature among all others Polish sea resorts as the result of the wind blowing from the northwest) and the shallow sea waters. Next feature of Dziwnów is its friendly climate (a big amount of iodine concentrates in the sea), that’s why a lot of people suffering from respiratory system diseases come to Dziwnów.

In four beach resorts there is very comfortable accommodation (hotels and spas, boarding houses, private accommodation and camping sites), the number of them is still increasing and the standard is raising. In summer time there are almost 70,000 holidaymakers in Dziwnów at a time. A lot of restaurants and small cafes are located in here. They serve typical Polish cuisine. People can find small bars and shops in Dziwnów, as well.

Tourists go for many sports: they can use various bicycle lanes, Nordic walking lines, do yachting, windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing and wakeboarding. All of this has an influence on the development of economic infrastructure and creating a modern yacht port and seasonal marina. There is also going to be a fishing port in the nearest future. Angling enthusiasts can use the Kamień Bay, the River Dziwna, “Dead Dziwna” Lake and the Baltic Sea.

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